2014 Honda CBR600RR

2014 Honda CBR600RR

When we are talking about super sport bikes certainly one name that is in top spots when it comes to offer is the Honda. From this company we are getting some really great bikes and among them is the 2014 Honda CBR600RR that should be delivered to the market quite soon.

One of the models that are very appreciated by the adrenaline-hungry riders is the Honda CBR600RR. During its long life span this model has been continuously upgraded and today reached its peak featuring a series of important upgrades which make it better than ever.

The motorcycle received new, lightweight 12 spoke wheels, improved suspensions and stronger brakes (Electronic Combined Anti-lock Braking System included)

2014 Honda CBR600RR Side

As far as power is concerned, the Honda CBR600RR 13YM is fitted with a compact 599cc, liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine with a remapped Programmed Dual Sequential Fuel Injection System (PGM-DSFI).

Honda’s new CBR600RR has moved the Super Sports game on. It features a race-ready Showa Big Piston Fork, which combined with new, lightweight 12-spoke wheels (similar to those on the CBR1000RR) and a revised rear shock, gives more sensitive control to further improve stability and poise on road and track. Twin radially-mounted four-piston calipers grip 310mm disc giving incredible stopping power with fingertip precision and the Electronic Combined Anti-lock Braking System (eC-ABS) delivers an extra layer of safety with zero loss of performance or control.

2014 Honda CBR600RR Exhaust

The compact 599cc, liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine not only drives incredibly hard to its 13,500rpm redline but is also flexible, punching out strong mid-range torque. The Programmed Dual Sequential Fuel Injection System (PGM-DSFI) has been remapped to deliver even sharper throttle response and feel, while the Intake Air Control Valve (IACV) attached to the throttle now works over the whole rev-range for much greater sensitivity and control at high rpm.

And if it looks fast, it’s because it is fast. You can see the Honda RC213V MotoGP race bike’s DNA all over the CBR600RR; the aggressive, aerodynamic fairing, twin line-beam headlights, minimalist tail unit and centre-up exhaust, echo the design of the factory race machine. Speed, distilled.

What Honda CBR600rr offers:

– Honda Multi-Action System. Cartridge-type front fork and rear damper design ensures a confident balance of compliant damping and precise handling.
– Honda Electronic Steering Damper – Minimises sudden steering changes at high speeds for enhanced riding ease and comfort.
– Combined Antilock Brake System.Optimises the balance of front and rear braking control while counteracting tyre slip when braking over variable road conditions.
– Programmed Fuel Injection. Map-type computerised system maintains strong power and responsive performance in all conditions.
– EURO-3. Complies with EURO-3 emissions regulations.
– Honda Ignition Security System. Only allows the bike to be started by its original encoded keys to effectively protect against theft.
– Unit Pro-Link Rear Suspension. Progressively damped Monoshock rear suspension system integrated into rear swingarm to effectively isolate frame from rear wheel forces.
– Honda Evolutional Catalysing System. Oxygen-sensing system maintains an optimal air fuel mixture for the most effective catalytic reduction of exhaust emissions.

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