Honda Ridgeline 2014 Accessories

2014 Honda Ridgeline

People that are buying vehicles like Honda Ridgeline 2014 usually need those for their work. One of the main advantages that drivers are getting if they choose Honda is the fact that it offers large number of customizable accessories that change and can adapt this vehicle to the owner needs.

We are delivering the list of accessories with details about those.

Roof Rack-Silver – You can securely haul even more with the Roof Rack and one of several other accessory attachments.

Ski Attachment – Keep wet, sloppy skis from dirtying your interior. The Ski Attachment will carry up to four pairs of skis and poles, or two snowboards, mounted securely to the accessory Roof Rack.

Snowboard Attachment – The Snowboard Attachment offers a secure way to mount your snowboards to the Roof Rack, so your bindings and your truck’s finish are protected. The attachment is fully adjustable to accommodate all board sizes and widths.

Surfboard Attachment – The cradle design of our Surfboard Attachment provides lateral stability, so your board is held snugly.

Bike Attachment-Roof Mount – The Roof Mount Bike Attachment allows you to transport your bicycle without having to take it apart. Two Bike Attachments can be mounted to the Roof Rack. Holds most adult bicycles.

XM® Satellite Radio – With XM® Satellite Radio you’ll receive a vast amount of digital audio entertainment, at CD-quality, no matter where you are in North America. Listen to Chicago Blues in Houston, Kentucky Bluegrass in Denver, or Los Angeles talk radio in Boston!

Trailer Hitch Locking Pin – Provides that extra measure of security.

Honda Ridgeline Metal Interior Trim

Towing Kit – Want to tow a full 5,000 pounds? The Ridgeline is already so strong, all you need is the Towing Kit and your Hitch Ball – no additional coolers are required.

Security System – It’s every truck owner’s greatest fear: walking through the parking lot to where your truck…was. With Honda’s Security System, you can help stop theft before it can happen. It’s the ultimate in theft deterrence, designed by Honda engineers to fully integrate your Honda’s sophisticated electronic and mechanical operation.

Back-Up Sensors – With our Back-Up Sensors, you’ll easily pull in and out of parking spots you may have previously passed over as too small. They also alert you to other vehicles or large obstacles that may be behind you, but out of your line of sight.

Motorcycle Wheel Guide – The Ridgeline’s Motorcycle Wheel Guide helps to hold a motorcycle upright while you strap it down. Up to three wheel guides can be installed to load from one to three bikes at a time.

Bike Attachment-Bed Mount – The Bed Mount Bike Attachment conveniently mounts two bikes in the bed of the Ridgeline.

Kayak Attachment – The Kayak Attachment allows you to securely mount a kayak on the Roof Rack. The soft, adjustable saddles firmly cradle your kayak, while the reinforced straps allow for lateral stability.

Bike Attachment-Trailer Hitch Mount – The trailer hitch-mounted Bike Attachment connects to the Trailer Hitch Receiver, and can carry two adult bikes. Its fold-down feature allows easy access to the Ridgeline’s truck bed.

Roof Box-Short – Help keep your gear separated from the elements, and secure.

2014 Honda Ridgeline 17 Inch Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel

Bed Extender – Increase the capacity and convenience of the Ridgeline cargo bed by adding this multi-functional Bed Extender. The Bed Extender mounts to the end of the pickup bed or forward, at the back of the cabin.

In-Bed Trunk® Cargo Net – Help keep items from sliding around in Ridgeline’s exclusive In-Bed Trunk®.

Cargo Net-Truck Bed – The bed-mounted Cargo Net helps secure all shapes and sizes of cargo for worry-free transport. Extra-strong nylon web-style Cargo Net holds securely Easily mounted to Ridgeline’s standard tie-down cleats

In-Bed Trunk® Carpet – Prevent scratches on items stowed in the In-Bed Trunk® with this carpet insert.

In-Bed Trunk® Dividers – Help keep small items organized! These easy-to-use dividers simply slide into place to create four storage compartments.

Wheel Locks – With Honda’s Wheel Locks, you can protect your alloy wheels, or even the stock ones. They’re a great theft deterrent.

18 Inch Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel w/Tires, 18 Inch Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel and 17 Inch Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel – Our custom Wheels undergo stringent testing to match the tough requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), Japan Wheel Light Metal (J.W.L.) and Honda.

Roof Rack-Black – You can securely haul even more with the Roof Rack and one of several other accessory attachments.

Body Side Protectors – Help protect the sides of your Ridgeline with these rugged color-matched Body Side Protectors.
Four door-length protectors on each side help give excellent resistance to scratches and dings

Rear Splash Guards – Rear Splash Guards give your Ridgeline a finished look, and the protection they provide helps to keep the finish looking sharp.

Door Edge Guards – The Door Edge Guards protect your Honda from nicks and scrapes.

2014 Honda Ridgeline Side Steps - Chrome

Nose Mask – Loose rocks and pebbles, insects and other road debris aren’t good for your truck’s finish. Honda’s Full-Nose Mask covers the exposed front section of your vehicle snugly, helping to protect it from all these elements.

Air Deflector, Hood – The Hood Air Deflector pushes away dirt, insects and minor road debris to help keep your windshield clean while protecting your hood’s finish. We even added the “H” logo, for a classy touch.

Hard Tonneau Cover – This good looking, rugged Hard Tonneau Cover gives the Ridgeline a whole new look and helps provide security for anything stowed in the bed. The dual-action tailgate is fully functional with the Hard Tonneau Cover in place.

Door Visors* – A great way to enjoy some fresh air, even when the weather isn’t ideal.

Moonroof Visor – With the Moonroof Visor, you get a sleek, aerodynamic look while reducing wind noise and glare, for an even better driving experience.

Running Boards – Our custom-fit Running Boards blend perfectly with the rugged look of your Ridgeline.

Side Steps Rectangular – Black – Rugged, good-looking extruded aluminum Side Steps give the Ridgeline a custom finished look

Side Steps – Chrome, Silver and Black – Get in and out of your Ridgeline with ease – and style – with the Chrome, Silver, or Black Side Steps. The custom fit gives them a seamless, factory-installed look.

2014 Honda Ridgeline Kayak Attachment

Fog Lights – Fog Lights are great for cutting through adverse weather conditions, aiding your visibility. Honda’s Fog Lights use an integrated design for a factory-installed appearance.

Front Grille – The Front Grille subtly changes the front end of the Ridgeline, for a more open and truck-like look.

Chrome Bumper Trim Set – Want your Ridgeline to really stand out- Highlight the corners of your bumpers with the Front and Rear Chrome Bumper Trim.

Taillight Garnish – Add the Taillight Garnish to complete the custom look you want.

Front Lower Trim – Brush-Guard Style – Give your Ridgeline a hard-edged, off-road look with the Brush-Guard Style Front Lower Trim. Its rugged good looks really bring out the tough truck in the Ridgeline.

Rear Underseat Cargo Tray – Use the Rear Underseat Cargo Tray to help protect the carpet under the 60/40 lift-up rear seat, while providing extra security for stowed items.

Metal Interior Trim – Give your Ridgeline’s interior an even tougher, more rugged look.

Rear Underseat Storage System – The Rear Underseat Storage System secures loose items in the storage area under the lift-up rear seat.

2014 Honda Ridgeline Moonroof Visor

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