Interior Features Of 2014 Honda Civic Sedan

2014 Honda Civic Sedan

For many drivers 2014 Honda Civic Sedan is ideal vehicle and there is no doubt that this really is one of the most popular cars available on the market. For anyone that is considering buying one this might be interesting since we will be delivering information’s about interior features of this car.

Here is the list of 2014 Honda Civic Sedan interior features that you can get: Eco assist, USB audio interface, Pandora compatibility, ECON button, steering wheel mounted controls, Bluetooth, intelligent multi-information display, 60/40 split rear seatback, rearview camera, FM traffic, SMS text message function, Honda satellite linked navigation system.

Rearview Camera

Rearview camera with guidelines – 2014 Civic is equipped with a single angle rearview camera that offers guidelines and this is for models that do not have navigation. Models with navigation have three camera angles that you can choose from.
Honda Satelite Linked Navigation System

Honda satellite linked navigation system with voice recognition – Getting directions couldn’t be easier with this system. With voice control it will recognize numbers, cities, street names and similar. There is also about 10 million of points of interest and in combination with FM traffic you will be able to avoid slowdowns, road closures and gridlocks.

Eco Assist

Eco Assist – Since fuel economy is the major factor with the U.S. buyers technology that are delivered by companies that could lower fuel consumption are pretty popular. Similar is with Eco Assist which will show you bars on booth sides of speedometer and if you remain in the green all the time you will be able to go further with the same amount of fuel.

Intelligent Multi-Information Display

Intelligent Multi-Information Display – This display will show almost all information’s from your systems in the car. This display will show you performance stats that include fuel economy, range and similar. It will also display text messages and information’s from Pandora. On this display you can set your own wallpaper and personalize it additionally.
ECON Button

ECON Button – this will allow you to choose between performances and fuel economy. When you do not need max performance from your Civic you will be able to adjust many functions with the press of this button which will as a result offer better fuel economy. When you need more power another press on this button will return it into normal mode and you will again have max performance.

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